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Lifestyle Medicine, heard of it?

  • September 22, 2021

It can feel like information overload with a constant stream of new fads, diets, and wellness programs flooding our inboxes and TV programs.

But what option is best for you? While ‘quick fixes’ have repeatedly proven to deliver no long-term, health-improving benefits, there steps you can take towards improving your overall wellness.

Lifestyle Medicine is an evidence-based approach to prevent, improve, and even reverse chronic diseases by assessing your nutrition, physical activity, stress levels, sleep quality, and mental health (to name a few).

An advocate for preventative care, Dr Garnier is our resident Lifestyle Medicine certified GP. Taking an all-encompassing approach to patient care, Dr Garnier is passionate about our general lifestyles’ positive impact on our health, working with patients to optimise their health journey.

Benefits include:

• Decreased reliance on medication and side-effects

• Improves the effectiveness of many treatments

• Enhances general wellbeing and quality of life

• Better mental health

Book an appointment today to start your Lifestyle Medicine journey with Dr Garnier.

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