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The Village GP Black Rock

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8:00 AM – 5:30 PM


8:00 AM – 5:30 PM


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8:00 AM – 5:30 PM


8:00 AM – 5:30 PM


9:00 AM – 12 NOON

We are now open for face to face consultations on Saturdays. You may book online at anytime or contact one of our receptionists during the week.

Consent and T&Cs

The Village GP Black Rock is committed to ensuring your privacy is protected through compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and other privacy laws that govern the collection, handling and storage of personal information.


The Village GP Black Rock collects information that is necessary and relevant to enable appropriate medical care, treatment and advice and for us to operate and manage our clinics.

This information may include:

  • demographic information (including your name, address, Medicare number, date of birth, gender, occupation, carer details and customisation preferences);
  • authentication details (including passwords and access codes) where you use our website and/or app-based services;
  • payment information (including credit or debit card details);
  • appointment information (including the type of appointment and reasons for visit); and
  • health and other sensitive information (including medical history, family history, observations and metrics, medication reminder and scripts, questionnaires and forms, messages between patients and doctors, and any images or results)

If you do not truthfully provide us with certain personal or sensitive information, it may impact on our ability to provide you with quality medical care, treatment or advice.

Wherever practicable we will only collect information from you personally. However, we may also need to collect information from other sources such as other treating practitioners, allied health providers, hospitals and other health care services. In emergency situations we may also need to collect information from your relatives or friends. We collect information in various ways, such as over the phone or in writing, as well as in person.

All personal information we collect is securely stored by The Village GP Black Rock electronically and/or in hard copy records.

In addition to holding your personal information in Australia we may hold your personal information in the cloud or on servers located outside of Australia. We take all reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information which has been transferred outside of Australia will be held in jurisdictions whose privacy laws are equal to or better then Australia’s, and will not be held, used or disclosed by the recipient of the information inconsistently with the Australian Privacy Principles.

Your personal and health information will only be used and disclosed for the purposes for which it was collected, with your consent, or as otherwise permitted by law. As necessary to provide you with medical care, treatment or advice, we may disclose your personal or sensitive information to other health providers involved in your care and/or your health insurer, Medicare or DVA. It may also be necessary to disclose your personal or health information to certain health registers (e.g. cervical, bowel, breast screening and the Australian Childhood Immunisation register) where considered necessary to assist with preventative health management.

Our privacy practices are set out in further detail in our privacy policy, which can be viewed below.

Information Consent

  • I consent to The Village GP Black Rock collecting, using, disclosing and storing my personal information (including health and other sensitive information) (“My Information”) for the purposes of providing medical care, treatment and advice to me and for associated administrative purposes (including scheduling of appointments, billing and communicating with health insurers and government departments which pay health refunds) .
  • I acknowledge that My Information may be shared with, and accessed by, relevant staff at The Village GP Black Rock and any other person involved in my health management that may need access to My Information to manage my health (including any third party that requires My Information to ensure continuity of care).
  • I consent to the use of My Information by The Village GP Black Rock for quality improvement and practice management activities.
  • I consent to The Village GP Black Rock’s recall and reminder systems, which includes (but is not limited to) the use of my information for reminders for appointments and procedures relating to my health.
  • I consent to The Village GP Black Rock contacting me via electronic communication (, SMS and internet).
  • I consent to The Village GP Black Rock sending my health documentation to me via my nominated email address (including but not limited to medical certificates, pathology requests etc.). I am aware that email is not a secure form of communication and files will not be encrypted.
  • I agree to The Village GP Black Rock Privacy Policy  (see below).
  • I consent to My Information being used by The Village GP Black Rock for internal teaching, training and/or research purposes.
  • I consent to My Information being used or disclosed for The Village GP Black Rock to seek my consent to participate in research projects.
  • ! give my consent for disclosure for research and quality assurance activities to improve individual, community health care and practice management. This may occur when The Village GP Black Rock incorporates patient health records into de-identifiable patient information to transfer to a third party, normally used for quality improvement projects.

Terms and Conditions

  • We” refers to The Village GP Black Rock.

You” refers to any user of the Services, in the capacity of a service provider (Provider), a customer of The Village GP Black Rock (Customer) or both.

You agree to use the The Village GP Black Rock website, AMS App and any other part of The Village GP Black Rock system under the following terms.

These Terms of Service (Terms) cover your use of our products and services offered via The Village GP Black Rock Website or any other part of the The Village GP Black Rock system (Services). Please read them carefully as you agree to be bound by these Terms whenever you access or use our Services. If you do not agree to these Terms, you must stop using our Services.


You understand that use of the Services and/or receiving services or products provided by The Village GP Black Rock may result in charges to you for the services or goods you receive.

After you have received Clinic Services, The Village GP Black Rock will facilitate your payment of the applicable charges for such Clinic Services. These charges will be inclusive of applicable taxes where required by law.

The Village GP Black Rock will use best endeavours to inform you of any charges that may apply, however charges will ultimately depend on the Clinic Services provided to you. You will be responsible for charges incurred under your account regardless of your awareness of such charges or the amounts thereof.

Any charges paid by you are final and non-refundable, unless otherwise determined by The Village GP Black Rock or required by the Australian Consumer Law.

All charges for Clinic Services are due immediately and payment will be facilitated by The Village GP Black Rock using EFTPOS or online payment. You may request a copy of your receipt electronically.

The Village GP Black Rock reserves the right to establish, remove and/or revise charges for any Clinic Services at any time in our sole discretion.

The current list of charges for Clinic Services can be accessed on The Village GP Black Rock website.